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Quality Policy:
Provide excellent service; Make satisfactory products; create domestic famous brand.

Quality Target:
Implement GB/T9001-2000 standard, and maintain a sustained improvement in quality management systems.
The vehicle one-off pass reference ≥ 92% ; Increase more than 1% every year within three years.
100% pass rate from factory.
Customer satisfaction rate ≥ 90%; Increase more than 1% every year within three years.

Quality Promise:
The company takes 100% responsibility for the products, and tries to achieve 100% customer service satisfaction.

The scope of warranty:
I. Staff training

1、The company arrange training to senior engineers to study theory and practical operation;
2、Through the training to meet the technical requirements:
a. Master the basic theory and functions of special purpose vehicle;
b. Be able to operate skillfully according to the procedure;
c. Be able to solve general breakdown.
II. Maintenance branches, location, technical strength and contact info.
1. Distributor: DFAC technical service station.
2. Location: the host province, city, district, and town.
3. Technical strength: technicians who achieve engineer grade according to DFAC standards.
III. Free maintenance project and deadlines:
1. Tracking service time: lifelong.
2. From the date of customer’s normal use on, we provide free maintenance service for a year or moving 10000 km (excluding vulnerable and electrical parts); after the deadline of free maintenance, charging only for parts.
3. Service arrival time: for host province, 24-hour spot-reaching; for other far areas, service personnel sent in 24 hours.
4. Arrange for engineer and technician by regular or irregular visits, which make sure to solve existing troubles timely and prevent potential problems.
IV Service after the deadline of free maintenance:
1. Method: Parts provided by DFAC technical service stations; shipment released from factory directly according to customer requirements.
2. Parts cost fee only, not any other surcharge.
V. The chassis faults may be solved at nearby service station according to the chassis manufacturer.

Post-sale Service:
Tel: 86)0722-3313460(Fax) 3992646     Contact person:Wang daijun


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