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   Jiang Nan Dong Feng  special-purpose special automobile limited company lies in the hometown of Yan emperor,the township of the classical music of ancient Chinese chain bell of eight major miracles of the world, the special-purpose vehicle of Dong Feng refits the base ---Suizhou,Hubei.

    The company set up and established with the approval of responsible department of the government in 1998, is under the jurisdiction of the enterprises under the Dong Feng company, registered capital is 20,580,000 RMB. There are 783 workers now in enterprises, among them the number of senior engineer is26, the economist is 18, the accountant is 7, 185for various professional and technical personal, have 592 people with above special secondary academic credentials. The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters in the production area of Suizhou, All kinds of complete network produces 200 facility platforms (set) and have ability to produce more than 1500 refitted cars every year.
    The main products produced have Dong Feng oil truck system, (4000L-60000L) Dong Feng watering lorry series(4000L-35000L), Dong Feng railway carriage or compartment type. Refrigerate. Keep the warming series(10.85T-15T),bulk cement car series(9m3-35m3),municipal administration. Special-purpose vehicle series of the sanitation (up to the car jack-up transport vehicle. High altitude work car. Obstacles removing car of the road. Fire engine. Watering lorry. Suck the dung-cart. Suck the corrupt car. Wash the car under high pressure. The rubbish unloads by oneself. Compress unloading) nine major series such as and learner-driven vehicle, several hundred varieties. Already all has had the national announcement, pass China quality authentication central authentication in the style.
    Our company strictly controls quality. In quality control, first, by creating fine-service, make user satisfied products. Our country's famous brand of tree is enterprise's quality policy. Have set up factory department. The offices (workshop). Class' tertiary quality management system, carry out the responsibility system of quality at all levels. Second, the company checks on strictly to always becoming and safe the part to purchase competitive bidding mainly, require a manufacturer of other association must be the enterprises that obtain ISO9000 authentication and have product quality to ensure .The company regulates through the products of a factory of foreign association. Technological condition. Can sign the long-term contract of supply after evaluating, cancel the related qualification to presenting a factory of other associations of the quality defect two times within one year in production License  .Third, strengthen the quality control of every link of production process, operate and implement the strict file homework guide book system in every process, and examine strictly according to the guide book
    The company devotes more efforts to new product development. Technically. On the fund. Guarantee the need of new product development on the raw materials. Priority and Dong Feng company. Shanghai
    fire control research institute. Special-purpose car research institute of Hanyang. Universities and colleges such as the institute of technology of Wuhan,etc. develop jointly the fire engine with domestic advanced level. High altitude work car. Obstacles removing car of the road. Wash products with high technical advantage such as the car,etc. under high pressure .One that is the masses of user good graces
    September of 2004, the main products oil truck of the company. Watering lorry. The high altitude work car is in the sample investigation of the customers of several provinces of west, chosen as the most popular products by users .Appraised as the consumers of Hubei and satisfied with the unit in the same year
    The company strengthens the management inside enterprises, launch the mechanism of rotating actively, stress management, practice the exercises to benefit the internal organs, the activity of increasing benefit, set up the modern system of business management in line with international standards inside enterprises in an all-round way, realize, make according to country standard organize the standardized procedure that produces to manage strictly on production .In selling management, before selling, sold in the course, the dynamic information management of after-sale service
    Our satisfaction in line with the customer is the quality policy of goal which we are pursuing constantly, towards limited sale, the goal of the limitless service, offer the products with fine quality and careful and thoughtful service to the masses of users and the distributor wholeheartedly, hope to create beautiful tomorrow with the masses of customers hand in hand sincerely
   Jiang Nan Dong Feng  special-purpose special automobile limited company of HuBei

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